" What ? " asked Damian .

" .....Every channel is filled with the news of the possibility of your death . Someone had lead the media to the burned magazine . Some of the shareholders in your company have already started to discuss about how your share is going to be divided among them . " said Alex with a smile . 

" .....Those bastards ! " said Damian angry .

He looked at Alex with a doubtful expression as he cleaned his wound .

" Your wound is recovering well . I am surprised . Devils are creatures who are known to be able to self-heal their wounds rapidly . You are indeed a supernatural devil just like the rumors . " said Alex with a smirk . 

" Your fame is also impressive doctor . You sure can't judge a book by its cover . " said Damian .

" He he he ! Are you saying that I am a devil in disguise too ? " said Alex with a laugh .

" ......I would say a fox disguised in a sheep's clothes . That's the best description for you

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