Chapter 119


I make my way around the battlefield, checking everybody that is lying on the ground. Once I am sure that there are no more injured out within the dead, I move among the injured and decipher who is rogue and who is pack. Once the rogues are treated, I ask the first one,

"Are you a rogue by choice, or were you forced?"

"I was taken from my pack as a teenager. I am not proud of what I have done, but had to do it to survive..."

"You would have to go through some training and I would need proof from you to know you won't turn on me or other members of my packs... So you want to rejoin a pack? Are you willing to do that to rejoin a pack?"

"I have wanted to rejoin a pack since they took me, but no pack would give me the chance..."

"Very well, you now have that chance..."

"Thank you, Alpha!"

I go through the others and most of them are the same taken from their packs during raids done by the Rogue king, so they are not true rogu

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Trish Cardino
wtg Melanie. so glad they are finally together ...️
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Valerie Crabtree
finally they are together! can't wait for the next chapters!

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