Chapter 123


Once I have pulled it over his head, he then growls as he wraps his arms back around me and pulls me tight into him. He then returns to his kiss. As he slowly deepens and makes it more dominant, he slowly makes me step backward until the backs of my legs hit the side of the bed. This doesn't seem to interfere with what he has in mind as he makes me lay back and then with one arm wrapped around and across my back he uses the other to support our weight as he crawls on the bed taking me further onto it at the same time.

When we are in the middle of the bed, he stops moving and pulls his arm out from underneath me, allowing him to support his weight and then slowly trails his kisses down my neck, over my shoulder and his mark and then down further. He trails his kisses over one breast and then the other before moving down over my abdomen where he stops, making me let out a slight giggle as he whispers,

"Hey there, little one... I love you already and I have

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Valerie Crabtree
I hope everything goes well and he let's them live in peace.

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