Chapter 11: Immunity Eleven

“Where is Edlen?”

They didn’t seem to hear him. Otherwise, they were intentionally ignoring him.

Undoubtedly, it was the latter.

Micah watched Cain and Viktor fly hurriedly across their side of the room, stuffing things haphazardly into their school bags.

Both their uniforms were askew, and while that was nothing new for Viktor, whom apparently favored the unkempt and nonchalant aristocratic appearance, the prim and proper Cain seemed just as disheveled.

Almost as if they were in a hurry to avoid Micah completely….

Next to Micah, Keegan shifted uncomfortably. “I don’t think they heard you, Micah.”

Under the watchful eye of Aiden and Keegan, Micah crossed the room and abruptly cut off Viktor and Cain as they tried to exit their quarters. He appraised the two Unda cadets, sensing their awkwardness.

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