Chapter 15: Immunity Fifteen

“Yes?” Micah inquired wryly when he felt the stares. “What is it?

Looking up from his eggs, he gazed at the trio of Unda students who’d sat across from him that morning at breakfast. Their faces were a mix of frustration, anger, and guilt. Micah didn’t find he had much, if any, energy to decipher the reason behind their mood.

“We may have found a lead to who was behind your attack,” Viktor informed.

Micah lowered his gaze to his breakfast, suddenly uninterested.  “Oh?”

The situation, or more appropriately, the attack, as his team liked to call it, happened several days ago.

He’d been too weak to move during his first day of consciousness. His second day of consciousness, Healer Destan and Kendra refused to let him leave the infirmary. The two Healers fed him enough tonics to upset his stomach. He spent most the day kneeling in front of the toilet and was far too fat

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