Chapter 21: Immunity Twenty One

Keegan shifted under the azure gaze, unable to gauge what the king was thinking. Then again, he didn’t dare examine the man’s expression. His observation would be both blatant and disrespectful.

Guards dressed entirely in blue stood along the walls of the throne room, their expressions all impassively similar. Their eyes, Keegan noted, stared straight ahead—like dutiful dogs ready to act on their master’s call.

Keegan hurriedly moved his gaze back over to King Calder. The king sat upon his throne, his cheek and jaw resting against a propped-up hand, the epitome of sophisticated boredom and contemplation.

Keegan dropped his attention to the gleaming floors.

Everything was polished, blindingly lavish, and intricate. He was afraid to breathe and dirty the place.

Though he’d always wanted to step inside the palace, he hadn’t imagined it would be under these circumstances.

Like his meeting with Lord Josiah, thi

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