Union and Separation

Sebastian had been bothered by something, so he patiently waited for the meeting to end before scooting over to Ruben and his companion.

"Ruben, when you say I'm now a member of the pack, do you mean I have to obey you like your dogs?" He roared, his rage erupting in waves. Andrea was rolling her eyes and trying not to giggle as he turned to face her.

"Whatever gave you that idea, Sebastian?" she asked softly, her arms slipping around his shoulders.

"Alphas don't give ridiculous orders every five minutes. That is not my objective." Ruben said, amusingly, he understood vampire-wolf mating would be difficult. Vampires were fiercely self-reliant and thrived in their seclusion. Wolves, on the other hand, were devoted to their packs and could not survive without them.

"Excuse my scepticism, but what exactly do you mean by being a part of the pack?"

Sebastian asked sarcastically.

"It was the quickest means to show my pa
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