Chapter 1748 Smart Yuan Ye

After finishing writing, Caspian thought for a while, modified a few of the words, and then injected spiritual Qi into it.

Seeing the messenger disappear from his palm, Caspian snorted softly and got up to greet Handsome and Little Candy. "Let's go to the next treasure house."


At the same time, in a private room of a teahouse in a big city, Yuan Ye's expression suddenly changed.

He signaled to the person sitting opposite him and then took out a messenger from his storage pouch.

There was also a pattern of a crane on messenger.

He injected his spiritual Qi into the surface of messenger, and soon a short paragraph appeared on it.

Yuan Ye's eyes glittered as if he was shocked.

But after taking a closer look, the look on his face became complicated again. He stroked his chin with his left hand and looked at messenger with a frown, thinking.

Seeing him like this, the man in purple sitting opposite Yuan Ye smiled and said, "Spiritualist Yuan, if you have something to do, I'll
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