"You are the only one I have seen who took a break from work who was not happy," Azy commented as the make-up artists fixing my hair and face.

I rolled my eyes and did not bother to talk. Even if days have already passed, my chest pain still doesn’t go away every time I remember what had happened on Valjerome and I’s anniversary.

"By the way, you already know, don't you?" said Azy.

My forehead knotted as I glanced at him¾waiting for him to continue.

“You will be having a partner for today’s shoot,” he said.

"What?!" I exclaimed.

His lips parted and put his hands on his waist. "Do not tell me again that you have not read my messages yet?!" he growled at me.

I closed my eyes and then avoid my face from the artist’s brushes. I signaled them to step aside as I looked straight at Azy.

"What do you mean by I will be shooting with someone today?" I asked him, clarifying things.

He massaged his temples before shaking his head. "Jazzie, we can't stop this shoot. I've got paid and I have already signed a contract," he explained before I even try to say whatever.

"Bullsh*t, Azy! You know I do not just hang out with anyone," I reminded him.

"I am sorry, okay? I thought it was okay with you this time because you did not reply. I am used to the fact that when you do that, you let me decide," he reasoned out.

I did not utter a single word and just quietly troubled in my mind.

"Is it a man?" my confirmation.

He bit his lower lip and nodded slowly. I gasped and closed my eyes in frustration.

This is why I do not want to accept any partners in the shoot because I am sure that this will be a guy. No one in the world I live in knows that I'm married, that's why my fans are so excited to pair me up with anyone.

Valjerome will also get angry when he finds this out.

No, he probably already knew it.

"Just let this one pass, Jazzie. I am begging you." Azy took my hand then looked at me softly. "I'm sorry. I really don’t know," he said.

I let out a deep breath and nodded my head. "Fine," I said sparingly.

He immediately stretched his face and smiled big. "Really?!" he said unbelievably.

I took off my hand and rolled my eyes. "You know, just go outside and take care of the photographers there, I know you like one of them," I scoffed.

He grinned at me and came slightly closer to my ear to whisper. "I'd rather hit with the make-up artist's assistant." He giggled before finally leaving the dressing room.

I just shook my head because it looks like he wants a woman now.

Deceptive heart.

A few more minutes later and I am done with my make-up session. I changed my clothes to what will I be wearing in the shoot and left the room as Azy started calling.

I calmly walked while wearing the red flowing dress with a slit in my thigh. The neckline of the dress is also a bit deep so my chest is much more defined.

"Jazzie!" Azy happily greeted me and held my arm. "Come on, I will introduce you to your partner," he said happily.

I did not object and let him guide me to where my partner is. As we took our steps, I already noticed the guy sitting on a high chair while sipping his drink. Even though he is turning back, that didn't stop me from seeing what he was doing.

"Mr. Hevion!" Azy called cheerfully.

The man stopped drinking and slowly turned to look at our directions. I stopped walking as soon as our eyes met each other.

His eyes.

I can not remember where I saw them but I am sure I have met him before.

"Hey, Jazzie. Are you okay?" Azy asked me which brought my attention back.

I cleared my throat and looked at my friend slash manager. I smiled sparingly then continued to walk.

The guy did not speak a word. He just stared at me as if he is analyzing my actions.

Where did I see him?

"Hi, Mr. Hevion. She is Jazzie, my beautiful model. She will also be with you in the shoot," Azy said.

The guy hummed while nodding his head and then reached out his hand to me. "Chaos Hevion," he formally introduced, not losing his stare at me.

Even though I felt uncomfortable in his stares I still chose to work professionally. I was about to reach his hand when a strong arm wrapped my waist and pulled me away.

I was ready to pull off myself and scream but I was stunned to what I saw.

"She is not working with you," Valjerome, my husband, coldly said to the Chaos guy.

I blinked thrice as I kept staring at his face. "V-Valjerome," I uttered with my shivering lips.

His cold eyes slowly turned to me. "You are not working with him," he commanded.

It was like I was under a curse and just nodded to his wishes.

A sarcastic laugh grabbed our attention. From where he was sitting, Chaos slowly stood up and stared at my husband.

"Sorry, Mister whoever you are, but apparently she needs to work with me or else..." He then looked at me and smirked. “She will be imprisoned.”

I looked at Valjerome nervously. I was afraid that he might think I really liked what was happening right now, but he did not look at me.

Few seconds after, I saw the edge of his lip lift. "I will pay for the damages," he said lazily.

Chaos laughed again before looking at Valjerome seriously. "Do you even know what was written in the contract?" he mocked.

I suddenly became nervous so I focused my attention onto others. Most of the staff are silent and just remained staring. Instead of thinking what is really happening, I looked at Azy for an explanation.

He looked at me, apologizing, before heading out. "Mr. Hevion said that if you ever breached the contract, you will be dating him for a month or else you will be imprisoned," Azy whispered just enough for us to hear.

My mouth parted in disbelief.


"Azy!" I shouted annoyingly and combed my hair with my fingers.

"I am sorry. I just thought it was a fair deal, I did not know you had a boyfriend, Jazzie," he explained.


"Just give me the price," Valjerome spoke coldly.

Chaos flashed an evil smirk. "Let her work or let her date with me, choose."

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