"Valjerome, let me go! What? Where are you taking me?" I forcefully grabbed my arm from his grasp.

We just got out of the car and he immediately dragged me into the house. I could feel his grip based on his firm grip on me.

He pushed me slightly up the stairs and pointed upwards. "Go to your room!" his voice echoed all over the house.

I could feel the fear of his assistants and staff. Who doesn't? This is the first time he has been angry like this.

"What is your problem?!"

"I said fvcking go to your room, Jazzie! Don't test my patience!"

I scoffed and laughed sarcastically. "Wow, you're the one who really said that. Do you think my head is getting cold from what you're doing ?!" I pointed at his chest. "You're acting like a jealous husband even though the truth is you don't care about me! Are you this ruthless, Valjerome? You're making me dependent!"

I saw his jaw clenched. We both gasped for breath from screaming while not taking our eyes off each other.

A few seconds later, h


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