"Good morning, Señior," Valjerome's staff politely greeted him as soon as we entered the company.

I saw how their eyes analyze my being when they looked at me, examining my presence with their boss as if it is like seemingly strange. There are also others who simply murmured perhaps they saw the issue about us in the news.

Valjerome didn't bother to greet back. He just continued walking like he heard nothing from everyone. I quietly followed while Jaime and some of his staff were behind us.

I faked a smile and looked at where I am walking to. I was hoping in a few seconds. I was hoping that he would officially introduce me here in the company as his wife.

Who am I fooling with?

I am about to think that he was just jealous yesterday that’s why he announced our relationship. But I knew I would only make myself expect for nothing, he only did that to annoy Chao

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Jiya Aly
its funny first he was completely ignoring her for no reason even he brought girls every night, then all of a sudden without been drunk they both interacted then he is completely changed n that too caring n lovey dovey type....

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