"Why don't you just work for my company?" Chaos uttered.

I stared at him and then continued to caress the hair of my son who was sleeping soundly on my thigh.

"I am okay with my job, Chaos," I replied.

We are currently in my condo now. I took my son home after I picked him up from his house earlier.

"Why don't you just accept your former manager's offer? You are pushing yourself too hard on that job, Jazzie," he said.

My lips twisted. I turned my gaze to the other side of the sofa.

“I already have a child, Chaos,” I remind her.


I sighed and shook my head. "Being a model is also like being an actress. Many will get curious to look deeper in your personal life. If I come back, they will definitely ask why I suddenly disappeared then," I explained.

“What now if they find out

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