Chapter 37- The power couple

"What!? why will you do that!?" With her hands in the air, Carina cried out, "Please tell me it's not true."

Keeping a straight face, Bryce explained, "Alex found out and he was mad at me."

"I thought you said you loved me," Carina said, tears forming in her eyes.

"I'm sorry, but I want to tell you the truth; you can decide whether or not I deserved to be loved."

"Ah! This is so tough for me to accept ah!" Carina sobbed, her tears falling softly.

Then Bryce leaned in close and put his hand on her thigh.

"Do you still love me?" he asked, his voice sluggish and impersonal like those heartless lovers.

Carina was deafeningly quiet for a few moments. Some part of her still feels Bryce would never do something like that, but he was claiming he did it, and be had been real and open to and that made her love for him stronger even though she was still battling with what he said he did.

She shifted her attention to the outside and was no longer lost in
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