Chapter 42- San Fransisco

Alex took out his wallet and dipped his finger inside. When he pulled out wads of cash, the twins' eyes almost bulged out of their sockets, and they both screamed, "Wow!"

"He's very wealthy," the girl whispered to his brother. The brother gave a nod of approval. "Should we just go along with him?"

"But mum always tells us to wait here till she comes back to pick us up, and he might be the bad guy, the one she does tell us about." Despite the fact that a part of him wanted to accept the young man's proposals, another part of him was thinking about how upset their mother would be if she found out that they were going out with a stranger and the punishment that would follow.

"However, he does not seem to be a bad guy. Let us follow him, and he will bring us back here before Mum returns "She replied cajoledly, glancing at the wads of cash. "Or will you not?"

"I will undoubtedly bring you back before your mother returns from work. It'll be our little secret." He repli
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