Episode 2

All of a sudden, I began to hear the sounds of blows and kicks instead of the death I anticipated. I couldn't decipher what was going on, but was still afraid to open my eyes as my heart thumped harder inside my chest in fear and sadness.

I feel it would be better not to see as my life comes to an end. I wanted to avoid having my eyes opened when they hit me, but the kicks and punches which were filling my ears were getting intense, yet I couldn't feel any pain, which meant I wasn't the one they were hitting, so I was forced to open my eyes only to be shocked at what I saw.

A beautiful stranger in a white robe was fighting the men. My eyes flickered, as I sat up immediately, trying to understand what was happening. I kept peering at the lady who already had wounds all over her body, wondering who she was and why the hell she was risking her life to save mine. 

I watched as she fought tirelessly against the wicked men whose eyes were already bloodshot in rage as they attacked her with all they got. 

She was able to bring down a few of them, but the others overpowered her and kept searing her whole body with their claws till her white robe was all smeared with her blood, yet she kept fighting while gasping and clenching her teeth to hold back her cries.

I stared in terror as they punched her so hard that she fell heavily to the ground, spurting out a clot of thick red blood from her mouth, which left me struck with horror as I thought of her dying too.

Is it a curse? Everyone keeps dying, all because of me.

Tears brimmed my eyes and poured down like rivers as I forced myself up from the ground. My head was pounding so hard and my whole body was weak. I couldn't even feel my legs anymore as they were numb with pain. Even though I had succeeded in standing up, I couldn't make a single move.

I felt dizzy and almost fell as my vision was becoming blurrier from the intense pain that kept coursing through my whole body while I struggled to breathe.

My gaze met with the strange lady who had gotten badly injured while saving me, and I wished I had the little strength to run up to her and tell her to stop this madness and run away. It is clear I am destined to die at all cost.

Since my pack had gone into extinction, there was no need to stay alive. I can't just help but wonder why everyone wants me alive. I'm as useless as a pup. My wolf is the weakest of all. These evil men killed my entire pack just to have me killed and that can't stop making me cry as I don't know who I am to cause all this. Mom told me I would be the one to avenge them, but how?

It's pointless to hope for me to avenge their deaths because I'm a wimp.

"Why can't I form that fireball again and kill all these evil men?" I sobbed bitterly, and then it crossed my mind that I had smelled a scent which triggered that power in me.

Sandalwood with a citrus note. The smell of fresh earth and grass after it rains. Even as I ignored it, I felt a mate pull in the midst of all the pain scouring me.

Now I crave that smell again, just one more time, so I'll save this innocent woman from dying for me.

As she lay on the ground writhing and groaning in pain, the men kept gathering closer to ambush her and tear her apart.

I couldn't stop crying as I took a few steps forward, dragging my weak legs along as I yelped in the sharp sickening crack of my sprained ankle.

My messy blonde hair wasn't helping matters either, as it covered my face, making my environment uncomfortable and a little dark.

"Please don't kill her. You can kill me and let her be, I beg you." My crying voice echoed as I stretched my hand to them in a plea.

They glanced at me and chuckled scornfully.

"Anyone who tries to save you will die with you!" One of them huffed at me with resentment in his eyes.

"But she isn't a member of my pack. Please spare her life and let her go back to her pack." I pressed on in my pleading, but the men didn't even say anything again.

They rolled their eyes away from me before charging at the woman who was still on the floor, struggling to sit up while coughing out blood.

But just as they got nearer, that smell swirled through the air again and filled my nostrils. I felt that same overwhelming rage and pain shoot inside my heart like a razing fire.

My wolf quivered and rolled into a ball, shivering in fear while the strange powers surged in again. 

I attacked them with the same fireballs, which were easily formed again. They saw it late and this time, I fired it at everyone of them and they all fell dead instantly. 

Just then, I heard someone's faint receding footsteps and the smell vanished once again, forcing me back to my miserable and pathetic self. I slumped in extreme weakness, and lay flatly on the ground, but just as I saw all the men dead, I got a little strength and sprawled to where my mother was lying.

I carried her up into my lap, sobbing profusely.

"Mommy!... Mommy, get up!... I have been saved. The men are dead, and your daughter is safe, as you wanted. Wake up and let's go together!!" I cried, shaking her profusely.

She was motionless and the thought of her being dead sent a cold chill from my head to toe. I didn't want to believe that, but the more she didn't move, the more it dawned on me...

I bit my lower lip, shaking my head again and again as I cried continuously.

I badly wish my mother would open her eyes. That would give me hope, but she isn't!

"Take it easy..." I heard the voice of the lady who had just saved me from behind, and that made me look up to her.

"Is my mother dead?" I asked with a whimpering tone, and she squatted down and took my mother's hand. She checked her pulse and sighed.

"Is she..."

"Wait, take it easy!" She repeated, but that isn't what I wanted to hear.

She tapped my mother thrice on her chest, and in a few seconds, my beloved mother opened her eyes.

"Mommy!" I shrieked in happiness, my eyes glistening. I felt intense joy fill me to the brim, so that my heart seemed like it would burst seeing my mother wake up.

"You're fine, Mom. She saved me from those men, and I was able to shoot fireballs like a hybrid. We will take you to this lady's pack and they will treat your wounds. You will be fine, and we will live happily without any trouble again." I kept spluttering as the excitement wouldn't let my words flow.

She stared at me and smiled, while I smiled back in return, caressing her chubby cheek.

Her eyes moved to the lady who was my savior, and she nodded. The lady also nodded, holding my mother's hand.

"Make sure she is safe as she is the last hope. Take her home and let her grow into the warrior she is. She is going to avenge us with her powers." My mother's words came slowly, slurred, soft, weak, and under her breath.

"Yes, I will take care of...

"Stop!" I cut in before turning to my mother.

"Hey, what are you saying? I'm not the only hope. We are the hope of the pack. Me and you. You aren't dead and will be fine after seeing a doctor. Together we will take revenge in the future," I stated curtly with a frown.

Why was Mom saying those words like she would die?

"You heard me right?" She muffled the lady who saved me, ignoring everything I just said.

"Mom, stop using your energy to talk." I paused and turned to the woman who saved me.

"Shift into your wolf so we can take her to your pack. My mother is alive and that's what I want to know, not all this nonsense you both are saying." I seethed, but she let out a weak smile without responding to me.

"Be fast!!" I yelled in exasperation, but she turned her gaze to my mother, and I also did the same, only to see her eyes shut already. I could also feel the coldness of her skin as it stiffened.

My brow arched and I squinted my eyes, scrutinizing her whole body as I wondered what was going on.

"Mommy!" I shouted at the top of my voice, but there was no movement; neither did her eyes open.

"She is dead already." I heard the woman chip in from behind, but sneered at her instead.

She must be stupid to say that my mother is dead. She can't be dead when I just finished talking to her now.

"Mommy, open your eyes again so I'll know you are alive because I'm sure you're only asleep right now!" I screamed louder, and the woman stood up from her squatting position, slowly.

"Do that same thing again, so she will open her eyes! Tap her chest!!" I begged with a high tone of panic.

"I gave her my internal power and I will die if I do it again. She had also warned me not to repeat it, or she wouldn't let it get into her soul, and that would be a waste because she wouldn't wake up and I'd also die," the woman explained, but it was all like gibberish to my ears.

"Wake my mother up!!" I shrieked, but she simply let out a shrug, turning away.

"Let's try to go out of here before the other men find us," she mumbled calmly, but I wasn't listening to that nonsense. Not when my mother has just spoken to me and then this woman tells me she is dead.

No way!

"Let's get out of here!" She repeated it with a higher tone. I rolled my eyes at her and kept shaking my mother, fixing my gaze on her eyes.

I kept imagining her opening those eyes again, and it made me linger on, shaking her. I was shaking an already dead body. I don't want to believe my mother is dead!

"She told me to keep you safe until you unlocked all of your hybrid powers." It is still unstable now, and that's why you can't shoot any more fireballs now. You..." her voice was cut short as we began to hear several footsteps running towards us.

"Get your ass off there and let's go, or all this sacrifice to save you will be in vain!" She screamed, and I yelped, swallowing the lump in my throat. More tears cascaded down to my chest as it just dawned on me that Mom and Dad are no longer alive, and my pack is no longer existing.

I'm all alone, about to live in a world I know nothing about. But who has that sandalwood with citrus note smell? That smell was a trigger for the powers in me.

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