Episode 63

At that moment, it seemed like I had lost control of my body as my eyes were pinned on the messenger, who was sweating profusely now. His breath was abnormal and tells you how extremely afraid he was. There was only one person who could instil such fear into the demons and that was Lena, who had turned out to be the moon goddess reincarnated.

"What are we going to do? Say something!" One of my demons who stood beside me on the throne chipped in, his voice cracking in fright. I was already hearing the faint sound of slashing and chopping of bodies.

It was all true and real. Speaking was hard for me as I thought of the possibility of winning. The only option was to release the demons who were training in seclusion so they would join the fight, even though I knew the chance of winning was slight.

I never thought Lena would begin the war so soon. It was just so unexpected. If she had waited for a few more days, winning the demons would have been almost impossible, as my powerful demons w
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