Chapter 5_and that was enough

"Don't you dare speak to me like that young lady. Am your father and you will respect me," Uncle Mike shouted but that's the thing, he was not my father but my guardian for the past twenty three years.

Hell my father? My parents? I didn't know them the only thing I knew was that they died in a fatal car crash with me being the only survivor. Even as I looked at him unbelievably, bitter tears welled my eyes. Those were my savings and he drunk them away just like that. My hard worked money just lying around in a counter of some bar downtown. I didn't have it in me to continue arguing with him so with a defeated sigh I took my bag and went out. I would rather be at work than at home.

Walking to work took fifteen minutes to be exact. It was better if I started saving as early as now.

"My latte and would you please get Mario to my office"

Again with the usual morning routine, I got the latte informed Mario's secretary to call Mario to my boss' office and finally went back to my desk focusing my attention on my computer despite that pain I felt of once again starting from scratch.

Sir Mario didn't make it any better when he passed by me throwing me a flying kiss to which I ducked no matter how invisible it was. No sooner had Sir Mario entered my boss' office when a woman dressed in a casual purple romper walked past me and also joined Mario in the office.

Ofcourse I didn't stop her in time and I realized that going in there and apologizing for the woman's intrusion would only make things worse so with that said, I stayed put.

"Bullshit Klaus. It's been three freaking years and you come back in town without informing me. What sort of man breaks up with someone with just a text?" The woman's loud voice boomed in the office so much that even the workers two floors below could hear her.

With all the things going wrong in my life, I didn't want to pry in boss' matters. So what? She got dumped with a text? Couldn't she have moved on? With a face like that and a blondie such as herself, she would have gotten any man she wanted but why wait for someone like my boss. He was obviously an alcoholic and that wouldn't change soon.

After thirty minutes of going at it, she left and not before huffing outside the boss' door just to show the rest of us what a big dick, Sir Niklaus was. Sighing I got back to work but not before his voice growled over the intercom telling me to see him asap.

"Yes sir. You called?" I whispered meekly.

Lifting his eyes towards me, the same eyes that would have made me bit my bottom lip, made my knees knock each other due to fright, I maintained the emotionless eye contact trying to push whatever Uncle Mike had done last night to the back of my mind.

"Are you doing something after work?"

And that surprised me. What? Did he...? No it couldn't, a person like him asking me on a date would be downright impossible. He probably wanted to lay some more work on my weak hands and that's what I wanted rather than go home, lay on my bed and cry to sleep.

"No, I am not"

"Good, I need you to help me appease my girlfriend. That's all, you may go back to work"

And I turned around walked away unaware of what those words meant.



He dismissed me with just a wave of his hand and the guy Francisco had to lower his shades enraged that Sir Niklaus didn't like the dress either.

Where to start? Should I have started by explaining that my boss took me all the way to an exclusive fashion store just to get not one but a few dresses for his ex. Apparently the only reason I tagged along was because I had the same body as his ex so getting dresses for her would be easy as he claimed.

But was it easy really? So far two hours had passed and everytime I came from the dressing room, looked down at my outfit and then stared back at him he would boringly say 'next'. The next dress, a long black sleeveless dress that had a slit all the way upto my mid thigh paired with some red killer heels made me feel a woman. Breathing in, I came out of the dressing room my fingers crossed I looked at my boss seated infront in a L couch.

A sudden expression dominated his face one that I couldn't read. However what made my sorrows turn to gush was hearing some of the male species in the store gawking at me. Yes you heard right, Eleanor Gibbins had finally attracted some of the male species and that made me blush.

"You flaunt your hips girl!" Francisco encouraged and before I could turn on my heel walk on the little runaway and flaunt the hips that I now knew I heard,the sudden tightness around my upper arm startled me.

"Get changed, I'm taking you home," he growled almost dragging me to the dresser.

Twenty minutes past, I was seated in the passenger seat of my boss' car staring outside the window while counting cars.

"You know if I didn't look good in the dress you could have just said so,"I said my eyes focused outside the window.

"I never said you didn't look good" he said curtly and when I turned to face him, there was no emotion whatsoever. Just him and the dang steering wheel wrestling as the car took a corner. It was again infuriating since after all those hours he didn't buy anything but just instructed me to get changed, hop in his car and he'd drive me home.

"You didn't have to say it for me to realise it. I get it I'm your secretary and wearing those kind of clothes doesn't make me fancy"

With those words said, I left slammed his car door shut and proceeded to approach my little home. The home I so desperately tried to forget about the whole day. I crossed my fingers praying so hard that I wouldn't find Uncle Mike drunk.

"Elly" Uncle Mike spoke distinctly and I stood there relief washing over me after finding him sober.

"I'm sorry"

And that was enough to forget everything he had done that morning.

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