Chapter nine




The journey back was over, the car drove to a halt, and I felt as though my life was ended as well. 

The door clicked open and Lucian walked out, he was waiting for me to do the same. 

My legs were glued, I knew what awaited me the moment I would step my feet down. 

"Get down! " He wore an impatient scowl. I obeyed reluctantly, there was no need to delay the inevitable.  

Strong fingers encircled my arms in an iron grip, I had no choice but to follow behind Lucian as he led us, more like dragged me into the tall building ahead. 

Mother, father, and my sister were already waiting for us. 

I avoided my father's gaze, mother's expression was sad, I knew she wished I hadn't been caught. Phoebe was staring at me with an expression that seemed almost like guilt. 

There were more of our family members present. I couldn't recognize the rest of t
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Phoebe is a bi$&h! I hope the same happens to her at some point but to someone 30 years older and meaner. ....
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Terri Hudgies
Excellent writing

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