Chapter Twelve




Devin was the only one person who could disturb me on my fucking wedding night and get away with it. Alive.

As annoyed as I was about it, it was some serious issue, related to work.

There was a traitor amongst us.

The newly designed A-12 was a new idea, a small explosive that could be shaped into just about any structure. It was supposed to be our new invention.

Except that the traitor amongst us already sold that piece of information. To our enemies, Vladimir Petrov. And today, they are launching it. my very own creation. Stolen!

All the hard work, including the money spent, was all gone to waste. I was fuming with rage, whoever the traitor was would be sniffed out, until then... I would wait patiently.

Loyalty had always been a principle set up by my father, a trait that every one of his men ought to possess.

The files had always been stacked here in my home,
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