Chapter Sixteen




I slammed the door of my home office closed and took furious strides to sit behind my desk.

The last thing on my mind was anything fucking work-related.

She had allowed that name slip out of those pretty lips!

She had fucking been dreaming of him!

My mind drifted to the moment she told me that she loved him, that she would always think of him even while with me.

A snarl rumbled from my chest. How dare she! How dare she dream of giving her heart to someone that wasn't me!

I saw red spots then, my fingers craved to destroy everything around me.

I didn't think I've ever been this upset and enraged.

The should be no space to accommodate any other man except me! not even in that pretty head of hers. Not ever.

She was my wife and fucking belonged to me!

My fingers ached to snap something, preferably her throat from which those words had been uttered.

The fi
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Shubhangi Gupta
let's see what his reaction would be
goodnovel comment avatar
Melissa Wilson
I'm feeling like she still don't understand just how dangerous/crazy/demented he really is!!

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