Chapter eighteen




Since you miss him so much, shall we check on him? Let's see if your little lover boy misses you as well! "

A knot twisted in my stomach, he wouldn't let me see Derek, not unless he was planning to do something awful.

He pulled out a laptop from his desk and switched it on, after that he took out from his pocket something that looked like a phone.

"Proceed" He spoke curtly.

His attention shifted to the laptop screen and I did the same, a deep sense of fear pitted in my stomach.

The screen was completely dark, soon enough, that changed when the lights flickered on.

It looked like a storage room, there was an unmoving figure on the ground, I almost didn't recognize him.


My heart lunged to my throat, he was wounded, both of his eyes were swollen, there was dried blood on his nose, it was situated at a weird angle like it had been broken. He was naked except for a torn pair of
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