The Strange House
The Strange House
Author: jaycelovesyou


Come back Blaine…. Come back..

A boy who is crouching in a corner keeps on whispering.

Come back Blaine … Come back to me…

“Who are you? Why are you calling my name?”

But as if the boy didn’t hear me, he just continued to whisper

“Excuse me, Who are you?” I was about to grabbed his shoulder when he turned around and ----

“Blaine Timothy Fuentebella!”

“SHIT!” A loud bang can be heard in a small apartment's living room.

 “HAHAHAHA you should have seen your face bro!”

The person who fell down from the sofa glared at the man who’s laughing “ You piece of shit!”

“HAHA, sorry man. Can’t help it”

“Tsk, just what the hell are you even doing here at my house?” Blaine keeps on massaging his sore back cause by falling down earlier

“The chief wanted me to check upon you. He said that you’ll probably stayed awake last night reviewing the documents”

“Oh. But I didn’t got anything. I still didn’t find any clue regarding the Phantom Night”

Phantom of the Night. Sihan City's most infamous murderer. He started murdering people six months ago, which is also when I started working as a detective in this city. There have already been ten murders since he began his killing spree. We never learn anything about his crimes because he don't have a killing pattern. His first target is a man in his twenties, the second is an elderly woman, the third is a high school girl, and the fourth is a child. He never left any clues, but the only thing all of the murders had in common was that they occurred at night. That's why we gave him the pseudonym Phantom Night.

"We really need to hurry up and solve this case as soon as possible. The city's residents are becoming restless, and they are afraid to take even a single step outside when night falls. It's affecting other people's daily lives and work," Blaine's partner, Jake, stated solemnly.

"You know we're doing our best, but this Phantom Night is a real pain in the ass." Blaine sighed. "We've been working on this case for six months, but the only clue we have is that he only attacks at night and his victims died mysteriously."

“Our superiors are also urging us to resolve this as soon as possible. They are pestering by the reporters everyday regarding this case.”

"Aside from that, why are you here for real?Even if the chief wanted to check on me, he would entrust that task to a newcomer rather than you. After all, I've heard the chief drags you around all the time."

He immediately sprang up his seat, as if he remembered something important. "Right! I've already found you a place to live.  It is less expensive than here and completely isolated, so you won't have to worry about your neighbors' loud noises."

“Are you sure that it’s a legit one this time? The last time, the place that you’ve found turns out to be a criminal’s hide out” Blaine is looking at him distrusting.  After all, this partner of his almost got him in trouble last time. Fortunately, he learn some self defense and he got bigger built that the criminal so he didn’t get hurt.

“Promise! I already talk to the owner of the house. He said that he’s looking for a housemate because he is always away as he is frequent travelling abroad and he is afraid that the house would left unattended for a long time. I also check the documents and he is really the legal owner of the house. He is a businessman and I also checked his I.d and I don’t see any problems”

Blaine nodded after a while “Hmm, alright. If you already checked those things then I guess it’s okay. When can I move in?”

“The owner said that you can move in whenever you want. Just give him a heads up so he knows. Here is his business card” Jake handed him a black elegant business card

Almothean Gwydoin Saavedra. This name sounds familiar.

“You promise me that you won’t leave me right blaine?”

Of course! We’re always be together forever……… Thean”

“AHHH!” Blaine feels a painful sensation in his head as soon as he remembered that scene. Who is that? Who is Thean? Why is he in his memory?

“Blaine! What’s wrong?!”

 “Blaine! Blaine!” He knows that Jake is calling onto him but he can’t answer because series of unknown memories came flashing onto his mind

Blaine, you’re the only one that I have right now. So, don’t you ever leave me okay?”

“Hmm! I will never ever ever leave you Thean!”

“It’s a promise?”

“Yes, It’s a promise”

“You should keep your promise okay?”

“Uhm! But what about your relatives Thean? They don’t want you to hang out with me”

“I’ll kill them. I’ll kill everyone that will try to separate us because you’re only mine Blaine. No one can ever take you away from me”

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