Blaine turned around, but all he saw was darkness behind him.

 "What's the matter?" Almothean, sensing that Blaine had stopped following him, cast a glance behind him and inquired.

“O-Oh? Nothing! I just thought that I heard someone talking but it’s impossible right? After all it’s just the two of us in here… right?”

"Who knows?" Almothean shrugged his shoulders, a mysterious grin is flashed  on his face.

He kept walking, and Blaine stayed close behind him.

What exactly does he mean by that? Is there anyone else in this room besides us? But Jake said that he lives alone here before i came ! 

He isn't talking about supernatural beings, right? Is this place being hunted? Is it because the house, despite its size, is being hunted that no one else lives here besides him?

Blaine moves closer to Almothean with that thought in mind. If there is one thing that frightens him, it is not criminals or murderers, but the ghost! After all, you can defend yourself in the living, but a gun would simply pass through a ghost.

Ahh! Just why the hell it is dark in here! It just adds on the eerie atmosphere that he’s feeling right now.

Almothean smiled quietly as he looked at Blaine, who had unconsciously grabbed the hem of his shirt. I suppose it's difficult to break old habits, eh? Blaine used to grab his hand or the hem of his shirt whenever he was scared when they were younger. He is aware that he is afraid of the dark, so he purposefully did not turn on the lights.

"Are you... scared?" Almothean abruptly comes to a halt, causing Blaine to bump onto his back.

"Ow shit!" Blaine exclaimed, holding his swollen nose.

He feels as if he's run into a brick wall. What kind of back does this man have?!

Blaine turned red when he hears a low chuckle from the man who caused it all “ Why the hell are you laughing?!” He glared at him

“You look cute HAHA”

Blaine was taken aback. He didn't notice it right away because it was dark, but now that the flashlight is pointed at him, he can clearly see his features. He has the appearance of a Hollywood actor. With his pointed nose, razor-sharp jaw, long eyelashes, and hazelnut eyes. You have to be kidding me. Is this still a person?! He resembles the male leads in those romance animes!

“Blaine?” He flinched as Almothean stood right in front of him, staring at him with intrigue.

Blaine immediately took a step back, but he stumbled on his feet and was about to fall to the ground when Almothen caught him and wrapped his arms around his waist, saying, "Be careful."

He was about to leave in his arms when a scenario suddenly pops on his mind.

 “Careful!” a handsome boy about 10 years old said to the boy he’s holding

“Thank you thean! HAHA if not for you, my face will surely hit the ground!” The boy with black eyes said while smiling

“Tsk. You’re really clumsy Blaine. I’m afraid that someday you’ll trip yourself to death.”

“Then, let’s hold hands! So that you won’t worry about me tripping everytime”

The handsome boy smiled and hold the other one’s hands

“Blaine? Are you all right,? ”

The scene ends with the two boys holding hands and smiling at each other. He recognized the boy with black eyes because he is his younger self. Then... the person he referred to as Thean is Almothean?

“Blaine? Is there something wrong? Are you in pain? " Blaine jerked back into reality, staring at the worried face of the man who was holding him.


"Y-you remembered me?" he asks, surprised 

He appears to be correct. He is the other boy in his memory.

“Nope, I just remember that you will often hold my hand”

"Right," he said, his face lightening up and flashing a bright smile. "When we were younger, you were really clumsy, so I used to hold your hands to keep you from falling to the ground." 

“Hmm, I guess we’re really close eh?”

"Yeah," he said, nodding. "So I'm looking forward to the day when you finally remember everything."

"Honestly,I'm looking forward to it as well."

They both smiled at each other as they walked silently towards Blaine's room.

After a while, they finally arrive at his room. Almothean push it and walks inside while Blaine just followed behind him quietly.

He also switched on the lights so Blaine turned off his flashlight and put his phone back on his pocket

“This is your room. I already ordered it to be cleaned as soon as your friend confirmed that you’re coming today. There is no bathroom here so you can use the one at the kitchen.”

Blaine is shocked. This room is really huge. It is twice as huge as his apartment. The walls are painted black which is also his favorite color.

He roamed his eyes around and he really can’t help but to be amaze.

“Do you like it?”

He nodded continuously “I like it- no I love it! It is so much better than the apartment I previously rented in”

Almothean smiled “I’m glad. I thought you don’t like it because you’re not saying anything”

“Ah no, I’m just thinking  if my money is sufficient for the monthly rent” Blain embarrassingly scratched the back of his head

“Well, actually you don’t have to pay me. Since you’re my friend, you can live here for free”

Blaine was startled for a second but he abruptly shaked his head “No,no, you don’t have to do that! I’ll feel uncomfortable because it seems like I’m taking advantage of our friendship to get a free lodging”

Almothean stays silent for a while “I don’t really need money tho. I’m just looking for a housemate because I’m not in the house most of the time and I don’t want to leave it unattended”

“What about this? I would be in charge of our grocery and household chores.”

“Hmm.Alright. Do what makes you comfortable.”

“Thank you!”

“Then, I shall leave now. My room is just right beside yours so if you ever need something then just knock at my door.”

“I will”

“Then, goodnight Blaine” He smiled lightly then slowly closed the door as he leave.

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