Her Lover

"This is so tiring." Blair sighed while shifting her weight from one leg to another. Her heels were making her legs ache. Well, they are called killer heels for a reason. 

"Then you shouldn't have wore six inches of heels." Calvin nagged. Even the sight of those strappy maroon heels looked painful. He looked around searching for a place to sit but everything was occupied. He called over a waiter and asked him to arrange an extra chair.

She gave him a greatful smile. His thoughtfulness somehow made her feel special. If only she didn't already love someone else, she would have fallen for him the day they met. 

"Hey there, hotstuff." A familiar voice made them both tum around. "Did you miss me baby?" Blair smiled wide and squeezed her into a bone crushing hug. She looked pretty as always in her thigh length black bodycon dress.

Jessica was the most beautiful women she had ever seen. With her dark black hair, porcelain skin, big sparkling eyes, delicate nose and a sweet smile, Blair was pretty sure if Aphrodite existed in modern times, it would be Jessica.

Calvin stood there confused at the two girls. Hotstuff? Baby? Why would Jessica call her like that? Maybe it was a girls thing. After saying hello to Jessica, he asked them to sit on the side where the waiter had placed few extra chairs while he went over to talk with other people.

"So, is he treating you well or do I need to kick someone's ass?" Jessica asked as they sat down and took a sip of her red wine. Blair loosened the straps of her heels, finally breathing in relief. 

She told Jessica about her day to day life. "No way!" She exclaimed. Jessica was having a hard time believing how mom like Calvin was. Who would have thought the heir of a multi-billion company was actually a nagging clean freak who loved cooking.

"If only he weren't your husband, he would have been my dream man." Blair laughed at her comment.

"Excuse me, are you Blair?"

An innocent voice caught their attention. A girl with golden hair and very familiar grey eyes, stood there wearing an innocent smile. She looked in her early 20s, standing at around 175 cms. Blair felt like she had seen those eyes before but at the same time she was sure she hadn't seen that girl before.


"You might not know me, I am Stephanie. I am a big fan of yours." She said, looking all excited and giddy, like a child getting happy by looking at candy.

'Fan?' Blair thought bewildered. She wasn't famous enough to have fans nor was she a celebrity or something like that. Stephanie noticed her confusion and answered,

"I am a law student. Your recent victory has been a big topic among students. I really admire you for your bravery." She informed with a smile. 

'So this is what she's talking about.' "Thank you, I just did what any good lawyer would have done."

"Ofcourse!" Stephanie beamed. "If you don't mind me asking, don't you feel scared? I mean the Chases have a bad reputation, what if they do something to you or your husband?" Her expression shifted for a moment before returning to the same innocent smile.

Blair was taken aback by her unexpectedly strange question. She felt as If Stephanie was indirectly threatening her. Was she really a student like she said? She looked at Jessica and Blair was sure Jessica was thinking the same thing. Thankfully before she had to answer, Neil, Rachel and Denver's 9 year of son came sprinting towards her.

"Aunt Blair, dad is called you, quick!" He rushed, pulling her hand with his small ones. She followed him but not before giving Stephanie a weird look.

Jessica stood up and faced Stephanie. "I don't know what were your intentions behind that question. But if you are thinking something evil, better drop it." With that she also walked away 

"Bitch!" Stephanie mumbled in anger.


"Good evening to all of our respected guests. I would like to thank you all for joining us on this special event." Denver spoke in the microphone. Calvin and Blair stood on his either sides. 

"With a whole heart, I would like to announce that the merger between Andrew Constructions and Cartier Empire has been legalized. From tomorrow onwards, Andrew Constructions will function as a part of Cartier Empire. So let us raise a toast to the alliance between two companies, two families and two individuals. Cheers!"

The hall of people errupted in cheers, clinking their glasses. The shareholders and investors all celebrated the big news. Afterall who wouldn't be happy if they were going to earn heaps of money. 

But there was one person, who stood in a corner, tightly clenching the wine as if he would break it at any moment.

"Are you planning to break that?" Jessica asked, grabbing his hand. Raiden loosened his grip over the delicate glass. His face was rested in a stoic expression. She sighed loudly.

"Raiden, you need to stop."

"Stop what?"

"This!" She yelled but immediately lowered her voice when she noticed a few people looking at them. "Stop acting like a heartbroken Romeo!" She took the glass of wine away from him.

"Blair is married, she has a husband now."

"I don't fucking care! She was mine in the first place!"

"So what are you going to do? Pursue a married woman? Break a couple apart?" She was irritated at his behaviour. She felt as if he was doing this more out of jealousy than love.

"Living under the same roof doesn't make them a couple. This is just a business marriage which is only relevant on a piece of paper. Blair didn't even wanted to get married in the first place because she is in love with ME!" He pointed his index finger towards himself.

Jessica shook her head. It was impossible to make him understand. He had always been like that, getting whatever he wanted no matter what it took. Finally she gave up.

"You know what? Do whatever you want but don't end up regretting your your actions later on. Blair would be so fucking happy to know that the person she admires so much is just a stubborn, immature, immoral jerk who just wants his way." She spat and stormed off in the opposite direction.

Raiden muttered a few curses under his breath and left for the garden to get some fresh air. He was furious. Not because what Jessica said, but because she was right. He was acting like an immoral jerk. What he was thinking of doing was wrong. He knew it. But the heart doesn't listen. Seeing Blair standing next to some other guy, holding hands broke his heart again and again. He shut his eyes tightly, afraid that a few tears might fall.


"I don't smoke." He didn't bother looking at the person next to him. He could tell, it was a woman by her voice.

"It sucks, doesn't it? Seeing your love with someone else. You must feel so unwanted, poor you." He clenched his fists at her comment. Who the fuck did she thought of herself as to talk to him like that. He turned his face to look at her.

"Who are you?"

She smiled pushing her golden blonde hair out of her face. Her grey eyes formed a crescent moon shape when she smiled.

"You must hate Calvin Cartier so much, am I right? He snatched away your girl, afterall." She continued without bothering to answer his question.

"You didn't answer my question." 

"I also hate him. How about we work together, you will get Blair and I will get my revenge." She ignored him, once again.

"How can I trust you when you can't even tell me your name?"

"Call me Stephanie."

"Thank you, Stephanie but I think you should just mind your business." Neither his tone nor his words were polite but she refused to give up.

"Think about it. Would you rather stay still and watch someone else get the person you love or be a man and fight for your love? The latter wouldn't be much difficult because the girl is already on your side."

She was right. But could he risk trusting a complete stranger? He didn't know anything about her except her name which he wasn't even sure if it was real. Who was this woman and why did she say she hated Calvin Cartier? He had multiple questions. And there was only one way to find the answers.

She gave him a tissue with a phone number scribbled on it.

"I will look forward to your decision, Mr.Kingston.

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