One Hundred-Fifty-Two

Felix slowly loses his temper, obviously fighting his wolf as he says.

“FATHER… That is no excuse. The training covers everything that is needed. I know as you had me doing it since I was 5. What else have you changed since I have been gone?”

“That is a good question, Alpha Adrian... Last time I was here there were not only young pups running around but many females, however, my Beta here tells me that there are very few to no pups and the females he saw were all under the age of 17, care to explain?”

“I had to move my vulnerable to a camp nearby so that the warrior trainees weren’t distracted by them…”

“But wouldn’t the females left be just as vulnerable? Shouldn’t they have gone and some older ones stay?”

I watch as he is running out of excuses and getting more and more uncomfortable, especially under his son's intense gaze. Felix surprises me as he then pushes for an answer to my question.

“Father, what have you done? And Why?”

“I… I… I had no choice…” he lowers his head as he answ
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Vanessa Durward
thank you, that's good to hear.
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Oh ok!!! It is soooo good… keep it coming lockness.. I really enjoy it…...
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Vanessa Durward
I am still writing this book, it's why it's marked as on-going.

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