One Hundred-Fifty-Seven

He nods again and the ten warriors around me attack. I dodge one as I grab another while kicking one of the others. I then use the one I grabbed to block another. I then adjust how I am holding the one I grabbed and use him to throw at two of the others that are moving toward me. I then crouch down and sweep three pairs of legs before straightening, blocking and then punching another male, finally knocking one out.

I try my best not to hurt these warriors too much as they are just following orders, unfortunately; I do accidentally kill three of them, as Morpheus extends our claws and takes out their throats. I get through those ten rather quickly. Alpha Benjamin nods his head again and the next wave comes at me, only this time there is a difference these ones actually want to kill me.

This time I don’t hold back and within a few minutes, I have another ten warriors sitting at my feet. Unfortunately, the last ten are all dead. As I stand there only just starting to breathe heavily, Alp
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how many more chapters before we find out what happens to Yasmine and the baby???
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Derena Marie
I love the daily updates but honestly wish for more

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