One Hundred-Sixty

Kai meets us on the front steps with his mate standing by his side when we return. I get out as soon as the SUV comes to a stop and make my way up to stand in front of him. I hold out my hand and he takes it, shaking it as I then quickly pull him into a bro hug. He chuckles and pulls back, wrapping his arm around a very beautiful female. She shyly smiles at me as Kai introduces her to me.

“Alpha, thank you. This is my mate, Summer. Summer, this is my Alpha and friend Zachariah.”

She steps a little closer and whispers, “It’s nice to meet you, Alpha Zachariah…”

As our hand's touch, my eyes lock with hers as they change from brown to orange to violet. When she next speaks, her voice has a strange angelic tone and Morpheus adds his saying the same thing,

“Your mate is the key to bringing peace or war. Your son is the ultimate healer and more… Only as a united family will you be able to overcome everything that is to come… Trust in your love, trust in your mate, trust in your friends, t
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