Two Hundred-Twenty-Six

When I finally pull myself from the darkness, the next morning I smile as I stretch, amazingly sore and satisfied. I look over and out of the window and know that I will be in trouble with two males. I quickly slip out of bed and get into my fighting gear. I will have a hot relaxing bath after my training today.

I exit the room and make my way downstairs; I smile as I pass the warriors that were trailing the females yesterday. They are all working on their own; they don’t seem happy but are not complaining; I guess Zachariah’s threat of longer service is keeping their mouths closed for now.

I go to walk through the kitchen but stop as I see more of the warriors making their way around, pulling things out of the pantry and the fridge and then working together to make the morning snacks. One of the warriors, Rick, I think his name is, walks up to me with a tray and says,

“Luna, a quick light breakfast before you head to the training field where the Beta and Gamma are waiting for you.”
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