Chapter 10

     Lu's office looks spacious and neatly arranged, it almost seems like it had never been used if not for the ash plate in the middle of the large round table. The books were neatly arranged on its shelves and the pens were in a portable customized mug.

   The mug has his face with blue eyes and his name written across his face in ancient roman writing.

   It almost looks like the room was divided into three parts. One for books, the other for files while the last for devices.

   The gadgets were also arranged at the other side of the room which is the left. A huge television, almost as huge as the size of the wall hung a few inches below the ground and a few inches below the ceiling. His computer and laptop sat next to each other on the same table, beside it was three android phones.

    The middle of the room seems to be the most important part. Ju

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