Chapter 18

  Zeno lean back, he dropped the cup, and clenched his fist, trying to contain his anger.

    "Have you all come to do something other than the celebration of my daughter?" He asked.

   Alita trembled, she looked at Lu who had his eyes glued to the cup Zeno dropped. She couldn't read minds but with the look on Lu's face, he was trying to consider giving Alita the drink or not.

    She pulled close to his sleeves and held his right hand, tears filled her eyes as she blinked once to let them flow freely, burying her head in his arm. She felt someone's hand on her head and she flinched, she didn't want to move for the fear of what the person might do to her so she stay still.

   Zeno couldn't contain his suspense, his stare locked in Lu's palm on Alita's head and she seems to calm to his touch. He filled his glass and wait to see what Lu would do.

   "You promised to be a good girl," Lu said,

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