Chapter 84

   Sitting on the only couch in Alita's apartment, Luciano kept staring at Alita's pictures. His gaze were fixed as he didn't even blink, it could be that he had forgotten how to blink or no longer see it as something he is supposed to do.

   A bottle of Black rum was on his left palm while he was holding his phone in the right. While scrolling through the pictures, he caught glimpse of the only and last picture he took of her.

   The picture she was laying with her face down on his bed wearing his pink trousers pajama and a rope bra. The waist band of the pant she wore was showing as the trousers was not able to stay on her waist.

   Alita's legs were spread horizontally with her hands wide, Her long jet black hair covered her face and small part of her neck.

   "Goodbye babe" Lu muttered to himself as he sipped from the bottle of rum.

   He avoided his brother that had been glaring

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