Chapter 44 - Hue


Aeza was acting cute. She always calls me babe, she kisses me all the time, and she always excites me which leads to you know what I mean. It started the day Maya came, she’s been cuddlier, sweeter, and sexier. I didn’t know that she’s territorial, possessive even more. And I’m enjoying every bit of it.

When she said that she wants a date with me, I know that she was jealous. She was marking me in front of Maya. It was funny to act clueless about what she’s doing. Before, it was always me who’s jealous. So, I happily joined her games to experience what’s it’s like to be the receiving end. I know for sure Maya doesn’t mind a little PDA, that’s why whenever Aeza feels needy, I always give in to her.

I reminisced our moments on our very first date, and I can’t help but smile.

Aeza doesn’t have anything to wear for our date night. She still uses the three pair of shirts a

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