Chapter 8 - Honesty

“What?! Just what kind of relationship did those two have when they were young? I didn’t hear anything about this from Shannon?”

Lynn, while in Arial’s body, was shocked upon the discovery of the photograph. He thought that the guy was just fancying his girlfriend because of her incredible beauty inside out that even many actresses and models would pale in comparison.

However, it doesn’t seem to be that simple at all.

“Childhood best friends? No, I asked her, but she didn’t mention anything about him at all. There’s no way she would lie about it. Perhaps, she has forgotten about this… Ugh, it’s also possible that this was just a one-time thing. They probably met only once through their parents or something…”

Lynn started speculating to calm his mind. If he didn’t do it, perhaps he would go crazy. He wanted to ask Shannon about it, but right now, he also didn’t have the courage to do so.

“S-should I just—” Lynn muttered as he grasps his zippo lighter.

He had the urge of burning this picture but after thinking for a while, he decided not to. It is still evidence of something and he might find out more about this later on.

In the meantime, he found another paper amid the bond certificates after he checked them one by one. Since a picture was kept in amid the papers, he thought that he’ll find something on the documents and bundles of cash as well.

Lynn smiled after seeing that he found another thing.

He found a small paper which doesn’t seem to be that important but perhaps, just Arial’s note to himself. It doesn’t even make sense.

“Do not forget! The SHADOWS can never be trusted!”

This is what was written on the small sticky note. He doesn’t know what it means so it’s pretty much useless for now.

It’s either one of his Chuuni tendencies so he didn’t think too much of it.

“Haa~ This is harder than I thought… Whatever, this is still progress. I can’t expect to know everything about this guy in just a single day.”

Lynn finally gave up as he returned everything within the safe. He has no use for the SGBs and bundles of cash at the moment.

“Wait, let me take at least a bundle just in case.” Lynn thought as he took a bundle and put it in his bag.

“Now, how should I handle that Clarice Grant. I can’t hide from her for too long. Even the butler doesn’t want me to offend that girl if necessary.”

Lynn bitterly smiled as he looked at his phone.

Knock! Knock!

“Boss! Are you awake? We have good news!”

Lynn heard Harvey’s voice on the other side of the door. After unlocking the door and letting the guy in, he asked about the news.

“Boss… We’ve already settled all of Dominic’s men. Not only that, but brother Marcus also took care of Dominic. We won’t have to worry about them again! Gahaha!”

Harvey laughed as he seemed to be delighted about the news.

On the other hand, Lynn could only smile after hearing another new name.

‘Marcus? Harvey’s brother or is it just some form of respect? Is he part of my bodyguards as well? Ugh… Whatever…’

“That sounds good. I hope they settled it cleanly. We can’t be implicated after all.”

Lynn could only reply. Learning about Marcus and be done later.

“Don’t worry about it. We called the same guy to clean things up. The police will not interfere as well. Everything was done as usual.”

Harvey replied which made Lynn freeze.

‘As usual? Do you mean you’ve been doing this before? Just how many people have you guys killed? Even the police can be controlled? Just what kind of organization is this?’

“Great. That same guy, huh… Alright, as long as it’s done as usual.”

“Yes, boss!”

Lynn then had his breakfast prepared by his men. Well, they can’t cook, so they just had their food delivered.

Anyway, Lynn also heard that Max will be able to return to work today. However, he ordered him to have a rest for now, since he just had a life and death battle with those armed individuals last night.

For now, since the problem has been settled, Lynn can continue with his life and face Clarice Grant. She has been sending a lot of messages after all.

In the end, he can no longer refuse to meet her and he decided to meet her at an expensive café. But before that, he has to make preparations.

“Harvey… I’ve forgotten the name of the butler in the villa. Do you know his name?”

Lynn shamelessly asked as he had no other choice. He wanted to ask something from that butler after all.

“Hmm… His name was quite unusual as he mentioned that his father is from a different country. We’re just calling him Old Yuan as he requested. Is there a problem with him?”

“Oh… Not really. Anyway, I will be meeting Clarice later this afternoon. So--”

“We’ll keep our distance, as usual, boss. Like we’re not existing.” Harvey immediately said, without letting him finish his words.

Lynn nodded, satisfied with his answer. He still felt vulnerable after learning about Arial’s enemy. Though he didn’t want to be followed, his bodyguards are necessary to keep his life.

“Are you going to ask for her favor again, boss? You should buy her a different gift this time. Though she’s an incredible martial artist, she seems to like girly stuff too. I think the previous sword you gave her was too generic though it’s expensive.”

Harvey suddenly said hinting that he knows what kind of relationship he has with Clarice!

‘Whoa~ This guy is useful!’

Lynn remained silent as he tried to read between the lines.

‘Favor… Martial Artist… Gifts… Sword… Hmm. Am I asking her to teach me how to use a sword or some kind of Martial Art? Sigh~ I should’ve just said that I lost my memories. However, it’s too late now.

Lynn could only sigh. After thinking for a long time, he decided to just ask Harvey truthfully.

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