Chapter 18: A new city and new prey!

Three weeks had now passed since Xolvion had met Zoranna and claimed her power as his own.

Himself, Crystal, Luna and now Zoranna had made their way to a new city in the Gelgur kingdom.

The city was fresh with new prey, meaning fresh women that Xolvion could feast upon to steal their powers or abilities.

Now that he had three underlings, each who possess unique powers of their own, life had become much more simple.

Luna, who was a member of the black wolf clan was an expert in tracking and hunting.

Crystal, who was still getting used to her powers was next in line to become the new empress of ice, one of the holy saints, and one of whose powers Xolvion had already gained.

Last but not least was Zoranna. A vampire of over a thousand years of age, offering many strange and wonderful powers that he had been able to add to his arsenal.

With the three of them at his side, and also processing all of their powers inside himself, Xolvion had

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