The Forsaken Alpha
The Forsaken Alpha
Author: K. K. Winter

I told you I'd find you a virgin after I took yours.


I should have known better.

Of all the people I know, I am the one who should have known better than to take the shortcut and choose the woods.

Ever since I was a kid, my parents have been telling me how dangerous the woods are, even in broad daylight. But what was I supposed to do? Risk everything to get caught walking down the streets when I'm well aware I can't do that? It's illegal for humans to leave their homes after dusk. Still, I couldn't resist the temptation. The professor let me attend the lecture of a lifetime, and there was nothing that could stop me from going. Sure, there were, and still are, a few risks involved, but it's worth it. Knowledge is the key to success, and if I want to help others, I need to gain more.

My foot lands on a branch, and the sound of it breaking echoes in my ears like someone has struck the church bell. I stop and hold my breath. If anyone's near, they'll hear me and find me wandering around. I can't let that happen- all my instincts are screaming to run, but I remain frozen in place. I'll run if I have to, but I if make a hasty decision, it might cost me my life; if I run, I'll cause more noise than if I stand still. A minute or two passes, and nothing happens.

I let out a deep breath of relief. "Calm down; you're safe and almost home. The only real problem you have is fear and overthinking." I whisper to reassure myself, but the quiet attempt to pretend that everything is alright comes crashing down as soon as I overhear loud thumping nearing me. My eyes widen in fear, and this time, I take off like a bullet. They're after me. I know that sound by heart- those are werewolves.

I'm not a fool, I know they're faster, stronger, and much bigger than me, but that doesn't mean I'll stand on the spot and let them have me. No, I'll fight to my last breath, like a cornered animal.

I look over my shoulder and don't see anyone, but the fear inside me keeps rising, so I try to push forward even more. On the way, I don't notice the small hill, my foot slips. 

I try to get up, but I'm in so much pain, I think I might give up. Well, until I hear voices. My book bag is stuck mid-way up the hill, and though the notebooks inside mean a lot to me, fear takes the upper hand; I leave it behind and run deeper into the woods.

At this point, I'm not sure which way to run to get home. I'm lost, and whoever is chasing me will soon get their claws on me.

I run for what seems like hours until my legs give out, and I collapse near a pine tree. I close my eyes for a few seconds, but something wet drips on my face, and I immediately look up. Two men are standing over me, eyeing me like prey. I don't know why I scream in the first place; I'm lost, God knows where, and I doubt there's anyone nearby to hear me. Besides, even if I'm wrong- the only creature that could be near is another wolf, and they'll never betray their own to save a human that disregarded the curfew.

"I told you she's pretty; could tell it by the scent alone." One of the men speaks up as his saliva drips onto my face again. He's much taller than me and obviously bulky. However, he doesn't look like any of the wolves I've seen in our town, and if he were new, I'd know it. My eyes widen as a thought crosses my mind- they could be rogues; I've been told that no werewolf is as dangerous as rogues.

I try to crawl away from them, but the other man drops to his knees and grabs me by the ankle. "Where do you think you are going, human?" He snarls at me as cold shivers run down my spine.

"Yeah, human, where are you going? Why don't you stay here and have some fun with your new friends?" The offer isn't enticing at all. Whatever they call games, it must be something terrible that'll lead me six feet underground. 

"I-" I try to speak, but the lump in my throat won't let the words escape. 

I gulp while the men laugh, and the shortest one hovers over me. "What is it? Cat got your tongue?" It's clear as day that I'm terrified, but they just laugh at me. 

"I-" I try to speak again, but the same thing happens, which does nothing but bring wider smiles to their lips. The short one doesn't seem nearly as bad anymore as his friend proudly shows off a mouth full of rotten teeth.

The man with the rotten teeth leans closer- just a few inches closer to my face, and I'll faint because of the smell coming from his mouth. Maybe that's for the best. At least then, I won't have to experience the horrible things these men have planned for me. "Come on, stay with us; let's play a little. We know you can't go back to where you came from. The Alpha of that pack doesn't like dirty little humans running down the streets at night. Now, let's try this again, and you'll tell us where you're trying to go." One of the things he says is true- I can't go back home if I don't want to get caught by the guards. 

"Fuck you and fuck your games, Gabe!" The shorter man growls, pulling me closer by the ankle. I try to break free, but he takes advantage of his inhuman strength, and judging by his actions, I'm sure he wouldn't care if he ripped my leg off.

The man with the rotten teeth, Gabe, tries to push him aside, but his friend is set on his goal. He's looking for some cover. I wonder why he's doing this, but he doesn't leave me wondering any longer. As soon as he stops and forces his grimy hands on my belt, I freeze. Everything goes blank. I know what he's going to do, and even though my mind keeps screaming and begging me to fight back, I can't. 

Gabe steps to the side, grinning. He watches as his friend tries to undress me and violate the one thing I wanted to keep all for myself. The one thing that in no way could become another part of me that belongs to the werewolves.

"Don't; it's illegal!" I don't notice as I find my voice, and though it's shaky, at least I've said what needed to be said.

"Do I look like someone who gives a damn about your pathetic laws? I don't intend to join the pack, so I'm not obligated to follow the rules," he growls at me.

All it takes is the sound of this disgusting creature undoing my belt, and my protective instinct kicks in. I claw at his hands and try to kick him between the legs, but his friend quickly grabs my wrists and holds them pinned to the ground. One monster restrains me, while the other forgets my clothes and slaps me across the face. Tears sting my eyes as he picks up from where he left off. "Keep fighting, human; you smell so much better when you're afraid. Imagine how good it'll feel to fuck her while she cries and screams in pain. You want to take the first shot, Gabe? I told you I'd find you a virgin after I took yours." His words make me feel sick to my stomach. I've never met these men before, but they talk like they own me.

Gabe shrugs and lets go of my wrists. "Yeah, I'll have a taste."

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Ahmed Aslam
nice novel
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Ahmed Aslam
nice one. thankyou
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Kelly Rohrer
Ummmmm yuuuccckkk Gabe sounds disgusting and I hope the alpha or a yummy beta finds her FAST

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