Chapter 300: Why Are You So Conservative?

“Hazel…” Joshua was confused. He and Hazel were a couple, everyone knew, so why did they need to sneak around like they were having an affair?

“Shh—” She whispered, “Let’s hide. I don’t want my mother to find us, or we won’t have a chance to talk!”

She had hardly finished her sentence when Rachel opened the door and walked in. In an instant, Hazel’s body stiffened as she tensed up. Joshua’s eyes were a bit deep, he looked at Hazel’s tenseness and thought it might be a good opportunity to seduce her. 

All of a sudden, he leaned over and blew in her ear. Hazel’s body quivered instantly as if she had had an electric shock, then she looked at Joshua in disbelief. What did he want to do at this moment?

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