Alpha's Role

When Bucky had said male werewolves go crazy during those moments around their mate, I hadn’t fully understood the level into which the mating process would drop. Last night had been… something else. It was late in the afternoon now, and Jay was finally asleep. Had I known, it would have been such a long and involved process, I would have tried to make him wait until we had gotten home. Though thinking about it, I doubt I could have held off that long, either.

With a soft sigh, I turned over onto my side and laid there, watching his sleeping face for a while. I wanted to sleep too, but if I did, I was sure we would be up all night again. It wasn’t like me to sleep away the day like this. Though it would be understandable if I did. With a yawn, I decided leaving Jay’s side would not make me feel any more alert, so I opted to cuddle into him instead.

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