One Killed In Front Of Her

Nathalie waited for the man to step inside who was supposed to be the great petrakis hier. she stared at the man straight in the face who walked inside with his hands shoved in the pockets, the lady knew she had seen him somewhere but  where was still a question.

'Is he Mr petrakis?'

She couldn't help but to question herself since the man seemed pretty much young compared to what people presented him. 

Alessandro Petrakis strode inside with  his chin up and gaze darted straight in his nose direction. He was ready to save his sister in law, since Lucas required a few more hours to reach home.

Thus he sent out his younger brother to save his ass that day, Sandro knew about the details prior to his arrival. Lucas could trust his brother by now, the very same man who tried to kill him and got banished. 

But love had the tendency to change everyone's heart and he felt the change i

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