Book 2 : Premise -I


A few days left until our first anniversary. This still feels like a dream. A year of bliss passed with Ivanna, having her as my wife. And each day she has been better than before. I can't even imagine my life without her now. In every thin and thick, she has loved me with all her heart, and so have I.

I tried to keep her happy and make her smile in every possible way and I hope I have been a good husband. I couldn't be perfect, yet I could give her everything she wanted. Even if it was a silly soccer match with just four amateur players on the ground.

The day before we were about to go to the ground, I had told her that during the school matches I used to crave to hear the cheers for me. But no one did that. There were better players than me. Who would cheer for me?

And the day when Kane, Colton, Ethan and I played, there was only her in that audience and she was screaming my name, cheering for me, clapping for me. I knew for a few, that it was a kinda silly thing.

But it w
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