Chapter 175 : Infinity


I decided to move back to Texas and get started with my work again. It was tough to decide before but after a long conversation with Ivanna, it seemed to be so easy. I still don't know how things are gonna shape up once I move back to Texas. However, Ivanna is right. I don't have anything to be scared of right now. I don't have any weaknesses which Thea can use against us anymore. I don't need her. Our daughter doesn't need her. That's one of the biggest satisfactions I have ever felt. I'm confident enough to face anything she'll come up with.

I'm almost done with all the preparation to leave. My bags are packed. The vehicle is ready. The last thing will be saying goodbye to Chrissie. I was feeling so guilty about all of it but now since I have believed that I'm doing all this only for her, I don't feel guilty anymore. Sometimes we have to do things differently. I'm convinced of myself and my actions. It'll all be worth it the moment everything will fall back into place. I h
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