Chapter 180 : What's the reason?


As soon as I hear Christian's voice, I gasp under my breath. A sigh of relief escapes from me but it also makes me feel restless as he's here at two in the morning which doesn't give me good vibes. I immediately unlock the door and open it, spotting him straight looking at me.

"Chris!" I exclaim in disbelief. "What are you— at this hour—" I pause and realise it's too cold outside and he has no warm clothes on, just a light shirt. "Get inside first"

I grab his arm and pull him inside, locking the door.

"You should have gotten a coat, at least", I shrug, rushing towards the couch and grabbing the throw blanket.

I come back to him and wrap it around his torso before I finally look back at him. He's just silent, staring at me.

"Are you alright?" I snake my arms around his neck, dragging myself closer to him. His skin is icy cold.

"Not after you just did everything except hug me when we were meeting after damn five days and sixteen hours", he half-smiles.

I shake my head in dis
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