Chapter 31: The Seer 1

" So tell me, why haven't you been sleeping since? "

" I don't know."

" It isn't because of Sir Gof's death, is it? Because, he just died last night, so it can't be because of it. Or are you thinking this has some thing to do with the Vergence Pack? "

He sighed. 

" Kaden, the war isn't today, you need to give yourself some time before you think of any thing. "

" I still have to get ready. The people needs me, you need me. And the only way I can protect them is by doing what ever it take to keep them safe. "

" How long have you been noticing this? "

" Last three months, I guess. "

" Kaden..." She sat up, shocking in confusion." Why didn't you tell me? "

" I don't want to bother you. "

" It's time you stop seeing any of these as bothering. You haven't been sleeping for thre

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