Chapter 41: Nightmare...




He did do as he promised.

He escorted me to the library. Him with Evans were discussing while I flipped the pages of the magic book.

I acted like I wasn't interested in whatever they were talking about, but my ears were actually listening to their discussion.

I didn't realize I've been flipping through the pages over and over again and this is the third time, I'd say.

" You can just turn to page eighty three, that's where it is." Evans said.

I looked at Kaden who was now looking at me. I shyly removed my gaze at him, staring at the book before me. " Page eighty three." I said to myself.

I opened to the page Evans had told me, " Why do I have to study greek first?" I asked. " Why don't we just go ahead with latin first?"

" Most magic words are written mainly in greek, it

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