10 // Trouble

Home was not the same, not without Logan.

She wondered what it would take to get him to move back into the house.

She did not understand why he was staying with that old lady.

To top it off, Cameron was still not home when she woke up. What was the use of being here if she was going to be all alone?

She and Cameron never really had a good relationship, they were like an odd pair of shoes, water and oil, they just could not get along.

With Logan on the other hand, they did not have a perfect relationship, but they got along just fine.

She had to figure a way to get him home. An idea popped in her head, she was tired of being cooped up in this house.

"Honey," she said to her son who was having cereal in the kitchen. "Don't have a lot for breakfast, we will have something on the way."

"Mom..." He heart swelled in joy when he addressed her. "Are we going somewhere?" He asked excitedly.

She messed with his hair and smiled. "Y

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