Chapter 63


I was so devastated when I heard that Snow was shot at the mall when she went to see my mother. I really shouldn't have let her go through with it. And now she's in a coma and I don't know when she'll wake up. I feel like this is all my fault.

When Andre called me, he was talking so fast that I couldn't hear a word that he was saying. There were blaring siren noises in the background, I wondered what was going on. When I asked him to slow down and speak, I wasn't expecting to hear those dreadful words from his mouth. 

"You should come fast. Snow was meeting with your mother then all of a sudden there was a gunshot. The police haven't found the shooter yet. Come to the hospital quickly."

I left my office as soon as I heard Andre. I didn't wait for anything. I headed straight to the hospital to see Snow, Sam came with me. We met Andre at the entrance and he told us that she was

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