Chapter 64


I was asleep when I heard the monitors beeping so fast. I wake up to check it, the short beeping sounds stop. The sound replacing the short beeps is a long beep sound. I check the monitors and I see that Snow's heartbeat has stopped. Then I rushed out and called the doctors and nurses that I found outside the hospital room. Lee jumps up in his seat and looks around frantically when he hears the bustling sound in the room as doctors and nurses rush into the room to check on Snow. He stayed with me last night and kept me company in Snow's hospital room. 

My heart started beating fast and it is still beating rapidly. I passed my hand through my hair, feeling all sorts of emotions that were overwhelming me. Tears threatening to spill at the thought of Snow being dead. I don't know what I'd do if I lose her. I can't lose Snow.

The nurses let us go out so that they could have their space to check on Sno

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