Chapter 420 The Most Trusted Person

The other side.

Everly and John had left the police station. John lay in the hospital bed, being bandaged by a doctor.

"There are some bone fractures. With a plaster cast on your arm, you have to move slowly and be careful." the doctor instructed. Everly sat by the bed and kept looking at John.

John was a little embarrassed by her gaze. After Annie left the ward with the doctor, John said, "Why do you keep looking at me like this? If my elder brother knows, he won't let me go!"

Everly didn't bother to explain. She had told John many times that her relationship with his brother Dave was not what he thought, but he still thought like that. She could do nothing about it.

Looking at John, who was not lightly injured, Everly said, "If there is such a situation next time, don't be so reckless. Look at you. It's not a small wound."

"I couldn't just watch you get beaten." John said, "If I watched you get beaten and my brother knew that, I would definitely be much worse than I am now!"

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