Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093

It was obvious that Scarlett called Raymond hubby intentionally. She and Raymond got their marriage license a few months ago, but this was the first time she called him hubby.

If Devin hadn't been too annoying, Scarlett wouldn't have used such a bad trick.

Last time in front of the hotel, she had made it very clear, but Devin pretended not to understand her words.

Now they met again, Scarlett felt a little annoyed.

After all, Raymond sometimes would be jealous.

Hubby, this word was too intimate.

At this time, although the smile was still on Scarlett’s face, she felt her cheeks were already a little hot.

Raymond did not expect that Scarlett would suddenly call him hubby. He looked down at Scarlett with a smile, "Alright."

Then he looked at Devin. The smile in his black eyes was gone, and there was only coldness.

Devin looked up to meet Raymond's eyes. Neither of them seemed to show weakness.

After a while, Raymond withdrew his gaze, took Scarlett’s hand, and
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