Chapter 1225

Chapter 1225

Alexander rarely saw such a scene, so he shouted, "Tut, tut, you are stunned, bridegroom?"

Scarlett sat opposite Raymond, facing his gaze. She originally didn't feel anything, but after hearing Alexander’s words, she was a little shy.

Alexis followed suit and added, "Mr. Shaw, Scarlett is really beautiful, right? If you want to marry such a beautiful bride, according to local customs, today you have to show us your sincerity!"

"It's not easy to marry such a beautiful bride!"

Raymond regained his mind, took a deep, then deeply looked at Scarlett who was sitting on the bed before looking up at Alexis.

Now he was in a good mood, and they were Scarlett's friends, so he naturally didn't care about their words. As for Alexander, he won't have a chance to show off in front of him anyway.

Raymond just raised his eyebrows, then uttered, "What do I need to do?"

Alexander kept tutting beside Raymond, "It seems that you have to go through many hurdles today!"

Alexis snort
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