Perhaps a much more subtle approach might do the magic

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Perhaps a much more subtle approach might do the magic

♥Elena's POV♥

Negative actions create negative chaos which is quite synonymous to destruction. Whereas, positive actions create positive chaos and positive chaos is constructive.

All my life, I have heard my family talk about war but I never got to experience one so I kinda wished it happened in my lifetime. But thinking over it again made me realize it was a stupid wish.

What is war? But the slaughter of our finest at the devil's command. How can we evolve when our best is taken? For Hilda, this feels like fun to her because it is her thing. It allows her to exercise her tomboyish attitude and showcase her tough girl skills.

For Susan, she looked conflicted. Fighting against her own kind when she used to be one, a witch. But the paranoia didn't stop her from eyeing a hot dude who kept trying to revive a dead flower but failed since his magic connection wasn't strong enough or perhaps it could be his breaking concentration.

And as for me, I feel so many emotions. Hatred, anger, fear, and a tad bit happy that my wish was coming to life. Whoever said wishes were horses probably didn't think it through properly. The intense hatred I feel for the ancient warlock I haven't even set my eyes on is overwhelming and the task to avenge Dan's death is relaxing. But fighting an ancient warlock is definitely no child's play so I'm forced to shield my emotions and concentrate on the prospect my dad thought was suitable as an alley. Which begs the major question, how does Bastiana feel about it?

"Hell no!" Bastiana's fingers trembled and her nostrils flared in anger. It is quite surprising how her mood can switch swiftly from gentleness to anger within the span of minutes.

"No?" Dad clasped his arms behind his body and smirked at the ignorant elder.

"Over my dead body will I make you an ally, you spiteful bastard," Bastaina said with clenched fists and stared at everyone in the room.  She is sitting on a chair with golden enchantments while the rest of us stood before her. Hilda on the other hand is fixated behind her. The room has a classic old-school vintage style and from the piles of grimoires and feathered ink that laid on a desk, I could tell it was Bastiana's office.

Dad grinned and muttered, "speaking of dead bodies, I think I can arrange for that provided you- arrgh" Dad held his head and groaned loudly.

Bastiana was chanting some incantations and she stretched a hand towards father. We lept at her but were met with the same fate. We all whined as the jagged silvers of pain shut up from our ribs to our skulls. The migraine was gnawing at our brain with a rusty razor teeth and weakening our defense.

"You dare come to me and seek for partnership when you have been awful and hostile to me all these years." Bastiana hiccuped and rocked back in her chair. Her eyes showed the sorrow of years and pain behind them.

"You filthy things denied me the privilege to bury my sister the rightful way and now her soul won't rest in peace." She shook with sobs and the tears traced the lines of age stamped on her face. She must be in her late sixties. Suzy tried to counter her magic but was flung to a corner of the room.

"I'm sorry about that but you might join your late sister if we don't tackle the pressing danger." Dad hollered and knelt on the floor as he continued holding his head in pain.

"Bloody hell!" Bastiana raised dad and smashed him across the wall with the dismissive wave of her hand.

"Why can't you reason along you old witch," Dad grumbled as he struggled to stand up.

"Reason? I lost all my sense of reasoning when I lost my sister." Bastiana pointed at dad's chest and tried to forcefully rip out his heart. A pool of blood had begun to stain his brown shirt and there was a look of terror on his face as the beast from within tried to burst out.

Hilda rushed towards Bastiana and threw her across the wall and instantly, the agonizing headache stopped. Mom rushed towards the witch and kicked her stomach hard that the walls broke free, revealing another room that looked like a bar, leaving the old witch howling and coughing on the floor.

I rushed towards Dad and helped him back into the broken room. The entire floor is a mess as broken cemented walls stained the previously neat antique rug.

Hilda strolled towards the old witch and smashed her face on some wine bottles thrice till her blood-stained everywhere.

"Enough Hilda, we don't want her dead." I walked towards them, grabbed the witch by the legs, and dragged her back to the room.

"Way to ruin my fun." She rested her hand on her hip and followed suit.

"What do y'all want from me, you filthy bloodsuckers?" Bastiana recoiled herself towards a corner of the room.

"Your attention and now that we have it, we shall proceed and stop stalling." Suzy stood up and smoothed down her leather skirt that hung dangerously low and left a chunk of her legs on display.

"Perhaps a much more subtle approach will do the magic." Mom gave her a sweet smile and grabbed the back of the chair to face Bastiana before settling on it with her legs stretched out by the side and her hands lying on top of the chair.

"Right Bastiana?" She cocked a brow at the raging witch who said nothing but remained silent.

Mom snickered and muttered, "I thought as much."

"Why should I join forces with people like you who I consider an enemy due to our long history of being in one another's throat?" Bastiana asked with nostrils flared.

"Because the devil you know is better than the angel who might waltz into your life any minute." Hilda brushed her palms together and shrugged a shoulder.

"Think about it, this isn't about the enemy we make an ally but the enemy we side against and together we can take Lucindo down, side by side." I crossed my arms and leaned against the wall.

"I might abhor Lucindo but I don't like you either." She folded her arms to her chest and turned her face away from us.

"How about we make a pact?" Dad snapped his fingers at us.

"You can perform whatever ritual you need to do to keep your sister's soul at rest and we can put the whole hostility behind us."

"Why are you doing this now?" Her chest rose and fell with rapid breath.

"I want the bastard dead in order to protect my people." Dad walked towards Bastiana and bent low to maintain eye contact with her.

"And you want him gone to secure your position." Dad tucked some strands of her hair behind her ears.

"So you see my dear old witch, we both want the same thing so why not come together to aid this fight?" Dad stretched his palm towards her.

"After ending this saga I don't want to ever have anything to do with vampires that have the blood of many on their hands." She eyed Dad's hand.

"Absolutely. Not like you will be useful to us afterward." Hilda said with the roll of her eyes.

"So what do you say, witch?" I bit my lips in anticipation. I hope we were able to convince her and she wouldn't put up more of a fight.

The silence was deafening and our eyes were trained on Bastiana who stared at us with conflicting eyes. I could swear she was busy analyzing things and was probably planning to snatch our hearts from our ribs.

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